It's all about building their toolbox

What do you want to see in there?

Change is coming.

How can we turn this into a positive outcome? 

With the changes proposed by the Ford government, it's clear that we will have to find a way to accommodate for larger classroom sizes - an unfortunate decision that will have an impact on the ability of the classroom teacher to meet each and every student's individual needs.

A New Way to View Education.

The Foundations vision is about providing students with opportunities to succeed.  Not only does that mean providing one-on-one help to support what's happening in the classroom, but that also means giving them more opportunities to better understand their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Not only do our students get the help they need to succeed in their school subjects but we provide opportunities to learn outside the boundaries of a rigid curriculum. Through our specialized workshops, guest speakers, and community partnerships, our students are given opportunities to hone in on their skills and talents, opening their eyes to a personally fulfilling future.

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