Specialized Math Courses

These programs are catered specifically to students in all levels of math, grades 7-12.  

Some courses run all year round while others are shorter workshops or exam prep courses that run a few times per year.

Grade 5/6 Math Club

This after school program is designed to strengthen the students' understanding of math concepts necessary for success in middle years and high school math.  A certified teacher will use a combination of auditory, visual, and  kinesthetic teaching strategies to deepen their understanding of concepts that are the foundation of future math courses.

Financial literacy and mental math skills will also be incorporated into lessons throughout the year.

Minimum 2-month commitment.  Students must attend in person.

Math Exercises

Math Prep Courses

These courses are designed to prepare students for their upcoming math course.  A certified teacher will review prerequisite skills and concepts necessary for the new concepts they will be learning.  Courses are a total of 6 hours spread out over 4 weeks.

Upcoming courses (dates TBA):

Grade 9 Academic

Grade 10 Academic

Grade 12 Advanced Functions 

Please send us an email to inquire about any of the above courses.

Math Tutor

Money Matters

At Foundations Education, we believe that financial literacy is a key component in making decisions that lead to higher levels of life satisfaction.  We also believe that we're never too young to start learning and developing the skills necessary to make these decisions!

In our Money Matters course, students will:

  • strengthen basic math skills involving fractions and percent

  • calculate purchases with discounts, tax, and tips

  • examine simple and compound interest

  • learn about credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, investments

  • create a monthly expense budget

  • learn about buying a car

Calculate Savings